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10 Interesting Facts About Geared Hub Motor Bike!

Electronic bikes or E-bikes as they are popularly known are gaining popularity amongst the bicycle riders. More and more people are opting for this bike, as it is environmental friendly. Some of the amazing facts about Geared Hub Motor Bike are discussed below:

A regular bicycle produces more carbon emissions than an e-bike. On an average it produces about 8.5 times more carbon emissions compared to an e-bike.
Did you know that an e-bike requires only 10% of the energy that is required to start a car?
Out of the numerous electronic vehicles in the world, the e-bike is the number one selling product.
You will get nearly 1000 Miles Per Gallon Gas equivalent per e-bike. No other electronic vehicle can achieve this.
If you use your e-bike to cover 10 miles every day you are actually saving 500lb of carbon emissions from the air.
E-bikes are zero emission vehicles known to man. They are extremely environmental friendly.
E-bikes can be recharged through wind, solar or hydropower. The source of electricity can be from anywhere.
Did you know that your e-bike is 18 times more energy efficient compared to the SUVs that are plying on the road?
It is also 13 times more efficient than any 4-door vehicle.
The first model of e-bike appeared in the late 1800’s.
As a responsible citizen of your nation, don’t you think that you should shift to e-bike and become an Electric Bike Commuter? This is the least that you can do to make your environment safer and less polluted. With the pollution rising at an alarming rate, we all should shift to e-bikes in order to commute to and fro. Don’t forget that cycling is one of the best forms of exercises as well. Your body will get its daily dose of exercise when you ride your e-bike to office and to complete other errands. How cool is that? With the kind of hectic life that we are leading, we hardly get the time to exercise. And when we do get the time either we are too tired or have to run and complete the pending household chores. So when you are getting the opportunity to do something for the environment and get fit in the process, why don’t you try it out? Trust us, you are simply going to fall in love with your e-bike.

There are many online stores that are dealing in e-bikes. You can easily check them out online. Take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to browse through the different collections. Select the one that you like, that fits your personality and budget as well. Once you place the order, the store will get the e-bike delivered within the next 15 days. So what are you waiting for? Check out the online stores for your prized Geared Hub Ebike Kit. Flaunt the e-bike wherever you go. Inform others about the benefits of shifting to an e-bike and encourage them to do so. Go ahead and place your order now!

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